Lake George

Last June five friends and I ordered a Party Bus Rental to take us to Lake George in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. We are from Bergen County, which is located in north New Jersey, and though there are various places to hike and enjoy nature trails in summer there, Lake George is much more accommodating for camping. Lake George is a great place to enjoy raw nature, while simultaneously feel comfortable spending a weekend out in the open if you are not used to camping outdoors. It has grounds to set up tents near a fire pits, hiking trails, lake swimming and boating. It also has modern amenities like hot and cold showers with running water and bathroom facilities.
While there for the weekend, we spent most of the daylight hiking. Our campsite and tent were set up on the east side of Lake George, which is home to Shelving Rock Falls trail. Shelving Rock Falls is a fairly easy hike for beginners. The dirt trail is wide and unmarked and it leads you to the water so it’s handy to bring some fruit or snacks as well as a bathing suit and enjoy hanging out at the lake after the hike. At night the community fire pits are a nice touch. It allows for interaction with other campers and is great for community-building.

Lake George is a perfect getaway for families, small groups of friends or couples to enjoy a relaxing, healthy and energizing weekend getaway in nature, while feeling comfortable hygiene-wise. There are tons of trails, lush flora and fauna, and the lake water is the perfect temperature to enjoy a swim at any point during the morning or afternoon. Just make sure to stock up on water and non perishables snacks, grill food, and bug replant.

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