About Page

My love for nature began when I was a very little. My dad would take me and my brother camping from a very young age. We learned how to fish, catch dear, cook and pretty much just enjoy everything about Nature

Fast forward to me a few years later, I began trying different outdoor activities, from hiking, to skiing and snowboarding, to biking. I absolutely loved the way it felt when I became disconnected from society and the world as we know it. A freedom of sorts.

In this blog, I will be documenting my experience, with nature, my love for it and why I have come to tell the world about it.

With the growth in technology, it just seems like more and more individuals are spending their time indoors, watching movies, playing video games and spending every waking moment on their phones. You see many people taking selfies of actual events instead of actually being in the moment and enjoying what life has to offer. That was my main reason for starting this blog

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